The most cost effective
XBRL solution available



1 - 25
XBRL Filings

R 2500

per filing

26 - 50
XBRL Filings

R 2250

per filing

51 - 100
XBRL Filings

R 2000

per filing

XBRL Filings

R 1850

per filing

Cost Calculator

* 1 filing = 1 XBRL Instance Document for one legal entity to be filed with the CIPC Enter the number of legal entities for which you need to file XBRL
instance documents:

You pay: R 0 excl. VAT

Is there a long-term contract?

No, you buy just the number of reports you need for your reporting requirements.

How do I get billed?

You purchase credits which are used to create and access a report.  Credits work on a 1-to-1 basis for reports.

Is my data safe?

netXBRL™ adheres to best-practice standards for data security.  See our privacy policy and terms and conditions for more information.
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